The loose thread

There seems to be something different.
An eerie silence grew, as the night began to fall.
The moon is shining brighter than ever
Yet darkness seems to surround all.

The breeze sends chills down the spine
The wind doesn’t calm but scare.
My feathers flutter freely in the flurry,
Which usually blend blissfully in the auburn of her hair.

I look over at her, my child,
her chest moving ever so slight.
As her mind lulls into a blissful slumber
Every breath as quiet as the befallen night.

My premonition comes to life
As my strings tug hard with all their might.
Oh! It is much worse than I had thought
This was a nightmare we had to fight.

The demon was known to feed on fear,
And drink gulps from hope.
Its dark limbs tore souls apart,
Its smell made good thoughts elope.

Ages pass, as the war waged on ,
Battles were fought and lost.
Alas! A day came when a thread gave in,
And finally that eve the Nightmare crossed.

I watched in horror as it struck her
And saw the venom creep in her veins.
My heart wrenched as she cried in her sleep,
I could never let it happen again.

But it wasn’t as easy as it seemed,
The loose thread couldn’t hold a bad dream.
Once I used to fight all her fears
Now I just listened to her helpless scream.

One fine autumn eve,
as the leaves bid adieu to the trees.
A nightmare, again crept up to her,
But my brave daughter did not even stir.

Then, It dawned on me.
Oh! How foolish I had been.
Only those demons could be fought,
Which our eyes had seen.

Bad dreams were meant to pass all along,
I was doing my job entirely wrong.
Her suffering sure had broken my heart
But, today it has made my daughter so strong.

Time galloped away sooner than I thought
My feathers laden with dust, forgotten, alone
I lay there, silently watching over her
Proud, as she fought her battles on her own.

Photograph by- Garvita Bhatnagar (@bgarvita)

Poem by- Apoorva Tarafdar (@chroniclesofsos)

Poet’s note- This poem is a different take on the stories we hear about dreamcatchers and is written as a fable. The Dreamcatcher has been personified to depict a very familiar relationship, the one we have with our parents/guardians/mentors. Living under their hood is the safest place to be but only when they let us face our own fears we grow to be a better and stronger version of ourselves. Hope you enjoyed it. πŸ™‚


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