Wounded walls

I rose from the rubble,
Blood tracing the temple, dripping down to my cheek
Traversing the curve of my neck.
Blood and tears dissolved in sweat.
Plodding towards what I used to call my home,
I fell, colouring another brick scarlet.

I laid there for a lifetime or two.
My brain too muddled to comprehend,
My body too weak to stand,
My throat too parched to speak,
Only my eyes could see,
The clear blue sky and the magnificent trees.

That is when I saw the animal rise.
Its monstrous shadow casting an eclipse,
O’er the last shred of humanity left.
It struck again with such force,
We were left sobbing and bereft.

Chaos reigned over the land,
Dust was tinged with the stink of blood.
Days passed in dread,
We shuddered hearing their footsteps thud.

How I wish over and again
To wake up and realise all this was just a dream
But every night when I wake up
I see my mother crying, hear me scream.

I was determined.
I didn’t just lie there helpless.
In, I breathed the dust,
Which so fondly was sculpted into pots by our hands.
Out, I breathed fire,
Which burned them all to ashes.
Tonight, i woke up content
Only to find myself
Stuck, in this concrete catacomb.
In a place made with bricks just like those
But a place, i could never call my home.

Poem- Apoorva Tarafdar (@chroniclesofsos)

Photo- Garvita Bhatnagar (@bgarvita)

Author’s note: The photo is simple on the outset, bricks with a backdrop of trees but when you look at them from the eyes of the girl who just lost her home, lying there in the ruins, everything seems significant. It is the last memory of her home, the one thing which will haunt her for life. This piece is an effort from our side to understand what the people go through when alienated from their homes, with the hope that one day ‘sustainable development’ projects would keep in mind to consider everyone as part of that ecosystem.


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