Fancy a cup?

After each one of them left the table,
I always collected the tea cups.

There is something about these empty pieces of crockery.
They bring those rendezvous back to me.
They are a perfect instrument for a person like me who loves to brood over the past.
Wisdom says, it’s a bad habit.
But, I wish, this little thudding heart tickling the inner surface of my ribs knew what good and bad is.

The first one kept in the far left, you see that?
Just below the awkwardly placed one.
That was from Cafe Coffee Day.
My first date.
If I can call it one.

Now look closely, the one near the camera, nested inside the other. Well, that is from the food court, the same day. We sat for an hour and a half drowning into each other’s insecurities.

That took time.

I remember those blue coloured twinkling ear rings she wore.

This entire picture,
Conjures up the numerous encounters.

Encounters which never went beyond tea.(I hate coffee or maybe I consider tea much more soothing than any other beverage in this world. Even more than alcohol I guess).

There are also two glasses of whiskey I have cropped out of the picture.
Writing about them would herald emotions I have never been able to decipher.
Drooping eyes.
The kiss on the forehead, I don’t know whether she sees its imprints in the mirror.
I almost lost myself on both the evenings which turned into the day, waking up with incomplete recollections.

I hope they were somewhere near love.

I have given up on romance lately.

But when I see these cups in the tray, they tell me there are more spaces to be filled.

Picture by: @bgarvita

Collaboration with- @shubhamdkrishan

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Dear Roma,

Dear Roma,

The sky is split in two,

As are you and me,

I thank the stars,

Both yours and mine for this,

That I am not alone.

I look for a reason,

To jump off this ledge,

I find none.

I guess I am here because you found one.

As I sit here,

The edge of the world it seems,

I change my mind,

The view is worth this sacrifice.

I look for a reason,

To stay here forever

Stuck in this abyss,

Something amiss.

Sitting above all the anarchy and mess,

My petty problems seem pointless.

The sun and the vista,

Seem to mirror me.

Rarely the storm has

The visage of an enchantress

I behold in her and in me,

Peace harbouring chaos.

The life inside the city calls out to me,

I am sorry,

But I don’t think I am going to get off this ledge

On either side.

The sky is split in two,

So are you and me.

As I bid you adieu,

I see the silver lining shine,

Which had ceased to exist in your mind.



Poem- Apoorva Tarafdar (@chroniclesofsos )

Picture- Garvita Bhatnagar (@bgarvita)

It all started from here…


I sit jotting down the last lines to our first post, while she is busy clicking the picture worthy of it. All the elements are simple, a cup of coffee, our laptop, a scribbled (sometimes mutilated) diary, each other’s company and with these we begin. We begin a journey towards our passion.

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